Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mad Dog Mother-In-Law

Reader "SDL" emailed her mother-in-law horror story. Thanks for sharing this, SDL. Hope it helped to get some of this off your chest.

My husband was allowed to drink, and even drove his Dad home from bars, starting at the age of 10. When the family sits around and tells stories of the past, they laugh about how funny it all was. All their stories revolve around how drunk they were on Mad Dog 20/20.

Flash forward to 5 years ago and my husband became sober. Life is great with him being sober, but my mother-in-law says that I have changed him and that I am snotty and a bitch. According to her, he was just fine.

He had 3 DUI convictions. I didn’t get him out of jail when he got caught 5 years ago. I should have sold my horses to get him out, according to her. We had the money, but I didn't want to feel the guilt if he got out and killed somebody while driving drunk. She says he wouldn’t have done that and that I was being a "drama queen".

My mother-in-law only calls when she wants money. Yet, the woman goes to the casinos instead of buying her heart meds and cries that she can’t afford them. We had a sit-down talk at the house two years ago. My husband and I told her that calling us only when she needed money, and that calling me names like "bitch" was hurtful. She apologized to my hubby, but said I probably "made" him say all those things to her. I got up and told her to get out of my house and that is the last time I spoke to her.

Oh yeah. When my father-in-law died in '04, I paid for a large part of the funeral. We paid for the headstone because they have zero money and no life insurance. She knows I paid for the services, but says I didn’t do anything for her family when he died.

And I am the bitch???? I love my husband dearly. But my mother-in-law? I would have to hit the gas pedal if I saw her crossing the street.


Housewife Savant said...

Whenever I come over (Every time there's a new post!) I long for a contribution o' my own.
They've been so outlandish I chortle every time. (Which at my age is unsightly and alarming.)

Sure, my MIL loathed me for a time (It's like a friggin baptism of fire, ain't it ladies?) but hers was simply unadulterated hatred.

She gave me no funny anecdotes, and certainly not the moronic behavior of THIS crackpot shrew.

I'm off to pat myself on the back now, and tell myself in my best Dustin Hoffman/Rainman voice, "I'm an excellent MIL, yeah."

kel said...

wow.... amazing.. what a bitch.

kmoye said...

Yo, that is one MIL I would avoid at all costs.

Kristina P. said...

Again, I need to thank my lucky stars for my MIL!

mo.stoneskin said...

I was curious, my name "Mad Dog" is appearing everywhere here!?!

MILs are notoriously difficult. But then sometimes so are mothers. But we love them. Most of the time. But this one you speak of. My gosh!

staskym said...

welcome to my world, i do not get the bitch part but i am hoyty toytey,i am also the Mexican dil. and the thing is we do not just help the parents we are also "helping out" the rest of the family, or should i say hubby is, i am a sahm so i have NOTHING to do with helping them.(never mind that the rent houses were bought before i quite working, and MY parent deaths were the reason the houses were paid off) i told my sil once that she had better hope that i go before her brother because it will ALL stop, and so being the good catholic girl that she is she went to light some candles at the, by the way these are older 40's and 50's siblings.

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

Anonymous said...

very handy, thanx a llt for this blov -- This iswhat I was lokoing for.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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